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Debtor and Creditor Rights

Debtor and Creditor Rights

Erman Teicher was founded to handle debtor and creditor rights matters. In addition to its bankruptcy work, Erman Teicher regularly handles out of court loan workouts and restructurings (see Out of Court Workouts and Restructuring), debt compromises and settlements, representation of judgment creditors, representation of judgment debtors, and analysis of potential liability in distressed financial situations, including assessment of assets available for collection and/or execution. Our expertise in these areas is the foundation that supports all of the firm’s practice areas.

The range of services provided to our clients includes:

  • Analyzing the collectability of judgment debtors
  • Consulting with companies and individuals regarding bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy alternatives
  • Participating in out of court workouts and restructurings
  • Litigating matters pertaining to the validity, perfection, priority and enforcement of security interests
  • Litigating liability for debt pursuant to contract, promissory notes and/or guarantees
  • Prosecuting or defending avoidance actions (such as fraudulent transfer matters)
  • Negotiating and implementing out-of-court workouts, restructuring agreements and plans for payment of creditors
  • Preparation of liquidation analysis and/or asset analysis for use in settlement of claims or judgments
  • Assisting other counse in evaluating collectability of judgments and claims resulting from personal injury and other actions
  • Assessing dischargeability issues
  • Evaluating municipal liabilities and obligations including pension and service obligations in distressed settings


About The Firm

Erman, Teicher, Zucker & Freedman, P.C., is a Metropolitan Detroit-based law firm founded in 1976, practicing in the federal and state courts. The firm's practice focuses on areas of bankruptcy, business, corporate, construction and real estate law, as well as commercial litigation.


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